Sunday, March 28, 2010

Car trouble in the I.E.

Today while driving on a busy Highway in the Inland Empire, Southern California, I noticed a group of young adults standing by their car on the side of the freeway basically stranded from car trouble. Living up to my oath to be a better overall person I had to pull over and help. The only problem was my being on the fast lane, I had to get off on the following exit, hop back on the freeway heading the opposite direction, exit, and then jump back on the freeway heading in my original direction (whooo, I know it sounds long, but it was worth it).

At first sight I could see the problem was the cars battery, so when I approached the car and asked if they needed assistance, they accepted and confirmed, they're battery was the problem. Them having had an emergency kit on hand helped the situation since they had already been trying to jump start the car. I then properly hooked up the cables to the battery posts, had them attempt to start the car, quickly the car started, we shook hands and they were on their way.

I am glad to say I could be of assistance to this very nice, appreciative group from the OC. Take care guys best of luck to you and I hope that when you come across someone in need, you help them.